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Oliver Family History

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This is a list of all updates to the Oliver Family History Site.

11th November 2015 Added George Oliver & Rebecca family group
4th July 2014 Updated email address to
23rd July 2011 Added banner links to
8th May 2011 Added a photo link for the diamond wedding anniversary of Edward & Elizabeth Oliver
7th January 2002 Whole site moved to
22nd March 2001 Whole site moved to
10th March 2000 Introduced source links to birth certificates
5th-6th February 2000 Introduced Site Update page (this page)
Added James Kirkham & Elizabeth family group
Added Henry Caudwell & Ann Swift family group
Added Aaron Beazley & Emma Cutts family group
Added Ewing Bligh & Annie Beazley family group
Added Walter Bligh & Emma Whiles family group
Added Kemual Bligh & Frances family group
Added John Whiles & Harriet Sharman family group
Added birth dates to George Oliver & Mary Leadbetter's children
5th September 1999 Introduced Index of Surnames
20th January 1999 Added George Oliver & Mary Leadbetter family group
6th August 1998 Added photos of Andrew Oliver & Susan Jane King
12th April 1998 Site created - All Oliver family groups added

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